In addition to losing weight, I am also stronger and healthier as a result of FAMETRICS Fitness training. I am working out at FAMETRICS in order to prepare for a 60 mile walk. I had trouble walking more than a few blocks and had taken on the walk as a personal challenge. After five months of FAMETRICS training I successfully completed the 60 mile walk and continued to walk in two subsequent 60 mile events. Between the cardio, weight training and nutrition tips, I feel stronger and my energy level is high. I have enjoyed FAMETRICS group fitness classes and individualized personal training. Mr. Jones is an excellent training and I highly recommend FAMETRICS Fitness regardless of whether you are just starting to get in shape or a veteran athlete.

Vickie E. Turner

Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP

I was really intimidated to come in but Crandell made me feel so accepted and comfortable. I totally trust  him with all of his degrees and certifications and really appreciate him.

Cindy Emerson

If you want a really good workout you should come to FAMETRICS Fitness. Crandell is awesome and amazing, and I always get a fabulous workout.

Brooke Steverson

I love it and it challenges me every single time. Crandell always encourages you and pushes you to the next level.

Krista Torquato

Extremely professional trainer with innovative workouts that are tailored for your time and physical limitations! I have been so impressed with my own results that I have referred patients for his training and work out services.

Rodney G. Hood, M.D.

If you are serious about getting in shape and moving beyond your optimum work out level, then CJ is for you. He changes his routines so you are never bored. He tailors your session’s to fit your core needs and makes it fun all at the same time. My husband and I take his class together, we love it. It’s like a date at the gym!

Robin Hood

FAMETRICS stresses conditioning and core training for me, all I wanted was to be in shape. Nope, I am getting in “condition” and my core is stronger. A positive consequence my golf game has improved.

Harold Tuck

Retired CIO, County of San Diego

kim_before_after final 3

Twylla_before_after copy

I lacked the discipline to tone up. Crandell helped me push myself and helped regain my confidence, tone up, slim down and rethink my diet. I have since relocated but contribute my continued fitness successes and discipline to FAMETRICS Fitness, where I first started!

Kimberly Oliver

Executive Assistance, Local Government

I restarted my personal training program with FAMETRICS Fitness four months ago because I realized that my strength training with FAMETRICS has to be an integral part of my exercise regime. Since restarting my personal training, I have lost inches and more importantly I have more energy and mental focus. My physician has seen great improvements in my overall heath due to my fitness program. This is a life investment for my health and well-being and one that I will continue! I am grateful that I have an opportunity to thank Crandell, and let others know that it works and the return on your investment is well worth it, “THANK YOU” Crandell for your continual support in my health & well-being, and adding years to my life.

Marlena Vaughn

Educational Advocate, P.O.S.S.E. INC.

FAMETRICS for me is a lifestyle change it has helped me with my discipline and motivated me to stay conditioned and live a healthy lifestyle.

Vivian Tuck

Retired Educator

I battled with weight lost and flexibility issues, until I came to FAMETRICS Fitness, Crandell was instrumental in helping me lose 18 lbs.  and correcting my flexibility issues. If you are in need of a personal trainer, I would strongly recommend FAMETRICS Fitness.

Twylla Hobb

Crandell structured a total of 12 hours of group fitness training for our 35 students. He was very motivating and personable to all the students, and got along well with our very diverse group. He provided encouragement and life lessons, along with his specific exercise routine. He even had them do a group huddle after every workout, which encouraged group identification and bonding. The routine was appropriate and challenging and helped to encourage better fitness among our young participants. I highly recommend his structured activities for your program.

Carri Fierro

Director, UCSD TRIO Outreach Program

Thank GOD for those whom he put in our path! And you my friend are one of those special people. You don’t know it, but you were used to answer prayer. I never considered customized training to aid me on my path to health and to correct back & foot pain. My father has a friend in the business. I will look him up when I return home. Thank you again for your help.

Ingar Ross