Rehabilitative Training

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Rehabilitative Training

FAMETRICS provides rehabilitative training for musculoskeletal injuries associated with deceased functionality and athletics, utilizing therapeutic modalities and customized fitness training to correct and improve fitness & performance levels.

Therapeutic Modalities include:

  • Pre-assessment of existing condition or injury.
  • Electrotherapy, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to relieve pain.
  • Cryotherapy to reduce inflammation & muscle soreness.
  • Thermotherapy (heat) to increase the extensibility of soft tissues and enhance blood flow.
  • Myofascia release to resurface and lengthen (fascia) connective tissue.
  • Trigger point therapy to eliminate scar tissue.
  • Therapeutic massage to manipulate soft tissue.
  • Corrective isolated stretching to increase the extensibility & elasticity of soft tissues, increase joint range of motion, reduce muscle imbalances and relieve joint stress.

Customized Fitness Training include:

  • Post-assessment of existing condition or injury.
  • Determine physiological and biomechnical limitations.
  • Customized training to correct pre-existing condition or injury to allow for proper recovery and to increase fitness and performance levels.

Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages.

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Cost: $65.00 (1 hr)